We recommended the use of an exhaust fan with multisided fireplaces and fireplaces requiring multiple offsets. Enervex Chimney Fans are the guaranteed solution to prevent down drafts or smoke spillage. The extremely quiet and reliable chimney fan maintains the perfect draft to ensure a smoke free environment. The fan is easy to use and virtually maintenance free. It can be used with wood or gas fireplaces.


RS Chimney and Fireplace Fan Features

  • Quiet Operation
  • Two year factory warranty; 10 year corrosion perforation warranty and a 6 month UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee
  • 110V energy efficient and maintenance free motor consumes energy equivalent to a standard light bulb.
  • Easy, no-mess installation
  • Use for wood, gas, pellet or coal appliances
  • The compact design of the fan makes it barely visible from ground level. However, the fan may be recessed or hidden behind chimney top enclosure such as copper caps, shrouds, cupolas, etc.

Manufacturer compatibility and safety guidelines must be strictly adhered to during the installation and use of the chimney fan. Please call or email us so that we can assist you in selecting the proper fan for your Burntech Fireplace.




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Q: Can the fan be recessed or hidden?

A: Even though the fans offer a very compact and low profile, some customers wish to hide it from the view below. The fan may be recessed or hidden, as long as the fan is allowed to vent properly. Please see our Chimney Shrouds for ideas on concealing your fan.


Q: Can I run the wires inside the flue?

A: No: The temperature inside the flue can become extreme and cause the wire to melt, so you may not run the wire inside the flue. If you have an installation that makes running the wire from the top of the chimney to the fireplace very difficult, we suggest that you consider using Enervex’s wireless control, EW40 (link). However, you may want to consult with your electrician.


Q: Does the fan have to be on every time I burn a fire?

A: Yes, the fan needs to run in order to cool itself. You may, however, run it at a very low speed.


Q: Does the fan require its own circuit?

A: No, the fan only draws about 1 to 4 Amps (the same as a light bulb), depending on the size, and runs on 110V, which is standard in most homes.


Q: What happens when you have a fire in the fireplace and a power failure occurs?

A: You are likely to experience the same problems you had before the chimney fan was installed. The fan offers no more resistance than a chimney cap. Since other fans in your house – that may have aggravated your fireplace problem – are not functioning either, your fireplace may work fine without the use of the fan.