Turn your outdoor living area into a cooking extravaganza with the addition of Burntech’s Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Whether you are an expert mason or a weekend warrior, Burntech’s innovative design makes Burntech’s Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven installation fast, fun and easy. In addition to homemade wood fired pizza, the Burntech’s Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven  is perfect for cooking chicken, turkey, roasts, breads, casseroles, deserts and almost any other mouthwatering oven baked dish you can think of.

A typical Burntech Outdoor Pizza Oven installation takes only a few hours.  After curing the oven with Burntech’s simple 3 step curing process, you’ll be ready to fire up your oven for friends and family.

In addition to the Burntech’s Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Burntech’s modular masonry design allows for integration of Burntech’s patented components creating a handy platform for the Burntech Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven while creating a convenient wood storage area located directly beneath the hearth. The Burntech’s Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven can be veneered with either Brick, stone or plaster.

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Burntech Outdoor Pizza Oven FAQs

Q: Can I install The Pizza Oven Indoors?
A: NO! The Burntech Pizza oven is designed for outdoor use only

Q: Can I burn both wood and gas in my Pizza Oven?
A: No.Burntech Pizza Ovens are designed for wood burning only.

Q: Is the wood storage cabinet included with the Pizza Oven?
A: No.Burntech Pizza Oven wood storage cabinet is sold separately.

Q: How far away does the Pizza Oven need to be from homes, patio covers, trees, etc.?
A: The Pizza Oven must be a minimum of 15’ clear to any combustible materials.  Local regulations may be different, so contact your local building department prior to installation.

Q: Can I install the Pizza Oven inside of framing?
A: No!. Burntech Pizza Ovens are designed to be free standing only.

Q: Does the Pizza Oven require brick inside of the cooking chamber?
A: Yes, the Pizza Oven requires a brick hearth and is included with your Pizza Oven.

Q: Can I apply a wood or any other combustible material directly onto the Pizza Oven?
A: No, combustible material cannot touch the Pizza Oven at any time. 

Q: How long does it take to cook a pizza in the Burntech Pizza Oven?
A: When operated at the optimal temperature the typical cooking time is between 15-20 minutes.

Q: Can I cook food other than pizza in the Burntech Pizza Oven?
A: You can cook everything from bread to turkey in Burntech Pizza ovens. 

Q: What material can I use to complete the exterior of my Pizza Oven?
A: The Pizza Oven may be covered with stucco, stone, or brick.  

Q: What are the foundation requirements?
A: We suggest that the Pizza oven be installed on concrete or masonry pedestal with proper reinforcement.

Q: Do Burntech fireplaces have a Warranty?
A: All of Burntech’s Modular Masonry Fireplaces carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty