We proudly offer Metalbestos and Duravent Class A “Listed” UL 103 Chimney Flue for use with Burntech fireplaces. We also offer Duravent B-vent piping for Burntech B-vent units. Refer to our chimney sizing chart to calculate the required flue sizing.

Please contact us for pricing at (818) 564-4253 or email us at mike@burntech.com


Q: When should I use Metal Class A UL 103 Chimney?
A: Class A UL 103 Chimney should be used on all standard Burntech TFS fireplaces. For outdoor fireplaces, use Class A UL 103 Chimney when the required chimney height exceeds 4 feet or when a Burntech Fireplace is to be placed inside of any type of framing.

Q: Can I use Class A UL 103 chimney on Burntech B-vent Fireplaces?
A: Yes.  Class A UL 103 chimney can be used on all Burntech OFS, TFS and B-vent Fireplaces, however you can never burn wood or other solid fuels in a Burntech B-vent Fireplace, doing so can have disastrous results.

 Q: What is the difference between air cooled chimney and insulated chimney?
A: Insulated chimney is far superior in very cold climates. Air cooled chimneys circulate air past the flue continuously so in cold weather the chimney is very cold, which can cause condensation as well as form a “Cold Block” meaning that when initially lighting a larger fire, the cold air can form a temporary air block in the chimney forcing smoke back into the room until the flue is warm. Also, Insulated Chimney is better for situations where clearance to combustibles is very limited as the overall outside diameter of Insulated Chimney is 1” less than that of Air Cooled Chimney. 

Q: Is Air Cooled Chimney safe to use on Burntech fireplaces?
A: Yes. Air Cooled Chimney is “UL 103” Chimney which is tested and listed for Burntech ALL Fuel Fireplaces as well as any traditional masonry fireplace.

Q: Is there a price difference between Air Cooled Chimney and Insulated Chimney?
A: Yes. Air Cooled Chimney is more cost effective than Insulated Chimney. 

Q: Are Air Cooled and Insulated Chimney available in the same sizes?
A: No. Air Cooled Chimney is only available in 10”,12” 14” and 16” inside diameter. Insulated Chimney has a wide range of sizes as small as 8” and as large as 24” inside diameter.

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