Have all of the beauty and ambiance of a traditional masonry fireplace without the hassle and pollutants of woodburning.

Available in 39”,44”,49”, and 43” See-through, our gas burning fireplace is the right choice for builders and homeowners looking for a hassle free gas only fireplace. The Burntech GBVS Series comes complete with our lightweight modular fireplace kit, a remote control operated realistic gas log set, and our patented B-vent components.


The lightweight modular masonry construction makes installation fast and easy. The GBVS uses a 10” B-vent flue system allowing installation with smaller framing dimensions than those required in wood burning fireplaces.  Flexibility in design allows the customer freedom of choice to install on either a concrete foundation or on wood framing.

Finish off your Burntech Fireplace system with firebrick of your choosing or use a Burntech Firebrick Liner kit (sold separately) available in herringbone and standard runningbond.


As with all Burntech fireplaces, the Burntech Gas B-Vent Fireplaces are covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty on all modular masonry components*.

*See warranty for more information

Burntech GBVS43-ST See Thru Fireplace Features
  • Available in 39”, 44”,49” and 43” See-thru.
  • B-vent Gas-burning fireplaces have lower outputs of carbon monoxide, pollutants, and particulate matter compared to wood-burners.
  • Convenient, No-Mess Operation: Free from sparks and long-burning embers, no chimney cleaning, no messy ashes or wood chips, no wood storage space needed.
  • Push button operation with our easy to use hand held remote and realistic gas log system and electronic ignition with battery backup (sold seperately).
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Modular Masonry Components
  • A smaller 10” diameter flue allows for minimal framing requirements.    
  • Safety shutoff feature for fail-safe operation
  • Installs both indoors and outdoors
  • Safety tested and Compliant with ANSI-Z 21.50 gas fireplace standard
  • Uses genuine masonry firebrick in any pattern for a real masonry finish
  • Installs on multi floor framing
  • Superior thermal efficiencies
  • Greater heat reflection and energy efficiency
  • Made in the USA
  • Also available for propane burning

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Gas Burning FAQs

Gas-burning models: GBVS39, GBVS44, GBVS49, GBVS43-ST

Q: Is this fireplace safe?
A: Yes. It has been tested to the ANSI Z21.50 for gas fireplace and is listed by PFS testing laboratories. Of course you must follow the operating instructions.

Q: Do I need a smoke or carbon Monoxide detector with the installation of Burntech B-Vent fireplaces.

A: Check with your local building authority. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are recommend with the presence of any gas operated appliance to ensure safety.  


Q: Can I install the fireplace on a wood floor?
A: Yes, only as described in manufacturers installation manual


Q: Can I burn wood in this gas fireplace?
A: Absolutely not! Our gas fireplaces are designed for gas only. Use of solid fuel products is prohibited.


Q: What type of chimney do I use on this fireplace?
A: The fireplace has been tested with B- Vent chimney. Follow the instructions for safe installations.


Q: Can I install a glass door on the fireplace?
A: Yes, Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always have doors in the fully open position when using the fireplace.


Q: Do I need firebrick inside the firebox?
A: Yes, any approved firebrick may be installed in any pattern. Burntech offers genuine firebrick panels for quick and easy installation.  

Q: Can I install this gas fireplace in a bedroom?
A: Check with your local building authority. If our fireplaces are installed per our installation instructions you have a safe and efficient fireplace. As with any fireplace, any odor of gas could be a symptom of a gas leak.